Master Sessions are three-hour sessions on Sunday morning, which take a more in-depth look at a topic and requires registration and an additional fee of $75.

Sunday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

From Factory to Philanthropy: Applying Lean Production Philosophy to Fundraising

Michigan B 

Lean Production or Lean Management have long been the standard in manufacturing. While our industry bears little resemblance to the factory floors of Toyota where these
methods became mainstream, the idea of adding value by increasing efficiency
through the reduction of “waste” can teach a valuable lesson to those managing
fundraising programs. As institutions are being tasked with doing more with
less, it is essential that we deploy our resources in the most efficient and
effective ways. At its core, this is the fundraiser’s paradox: how do you increase production with finite or decreasing
resources while combating issues like fundraiser burnout, portfolio bloat,
underachieving officers, and other system inefficiencies? Lean Management and
Six Sigma philosophies offer a variety of tools and a blueprint to increasing
success through incremental action, effectively managing and improving
his session will examine an overview of Lean Management
philosophy, provide activities to apply these principles in fundraising programs,
workshop common inefficiencies and problems faced in our field, and provide
tangible applications of Lean for attendees to take back to their own
institution. Ultimately, Development is
about people and relationships, but we often overcomplicate the processes that
the donor doesn’t see. Lean is about increasing efficiency and effectiveness through simplicity, accountability, measurement, and clarity.

Expected Outcomes:
-A foundational understanding of Lean Management,
Six Sigma, Kaizen, etc.
Development of a “Lean Mindset,” to effectively
identify and address inefficient systems
An understanding of how to apply Lean philosophy
to create positive change within a fundraising organization through workshop
Practice in leveraging and scaling data and
Applicable examples of how Lean can positively
impact a fundraising operation

Presented by:

  • Jay Kahn - Associate Vice President for Advancement, Purdue Research Foundation

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Sunday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

It Takes a Village to Move a University in a Day: Lessons Learned and Shared from Three Signature Giving Day Programs

Superior A 

days are a hot topic and something many colleges and universities are talking
about implementing. The misconceptions that many make are that this work really
happens in a single day and that its done entirely by the annual giving team.
Successful giving day programs are a carefully orchestrated productions that
take many weeks and months to plan and execute. These programs often
strategically engage wide swaths of the university community, including many
from the advancement team, as well as students, faculty, and administrators.
When done correctly, giving days appear seamless productions that can provide
great returns for the institution. Join us to learn from those leading giving
day programs at Lawrence University, Bradley University, and Miami
University—three of the most successful giving day programs around.

Presented by:

  • Jenny Ziegler - Director of Development Analytics, Lawrence University
  • Shelly Smith - Senior Director of the Bradley Fund, Bradley University
  • Emily Berry - Senior Director of Annual Giving, Miami University

Sunday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

The Program that Produces: Creating and Enhancing an Effective Mentor Program

Chicago Ballroom X 

The benefits in developing and strengthening a 1:1
student mentee-alumni mentor program can create a lasting impact on many fronts:
mentees receive career insights and guidance from an industry professional, mentors
find significant value learning from their mentees, and the affinity by mentees
and mentors toward the institution leading the program can be unmatched.

Get an in-depth look at the Marquette University Alumni Association Mentor
Program, a 2016 Pride of CASE District V award recipient for best student
alumni programming. In just four years, the initiative has netted significant
results through the creation of an integrated relationship with alumni mentors,
student mentees, faculty and staff campus partners, and development and
engagement colleagues:

- 100% recommendation by program participants

- 96% of participants indicated the
program exceeded or met expectations

- 93% of participants completed
their established goals

- 90% annual alumni mentor
retention rate

Whether considering a new mentor

initiative or
looking to modify an existing program, this session offers a comprehensive
overview, including getting started, effective goal setting, measuring and
providing tools for success, implementing practical tips, and even in-person testimonials
from alumni mentors and past student mentee participants.   

Presented by:

  • Dan DeWeerdt - Engagement Director, University Advancement, Marquette University

Sunday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Transforming Campaign Phases Through the Power of Analytics

Sheraton Ballroom I 

Data can—and should—play a crucial role in preparing for and
implementing a campaign, and it may be leveraged in different ways as the
campaign progresses. For higher education institutions, analytics can help
prioritize time and resources for campaign giving. This master session will
outline how institutions ready to establish a solid analytics program can
optimize data while planning, implementing, and building off the momentum of
campaigns. First, we will examine best practices, explore the campaign experiences
of Lawrence University and Baldwin Wallace University, and cover a range of
analytics services, from wealth screening to portfolio assessment and campaign wrap up.

After the panel presentation, we will break out into three
workshop groups by campaign phase: beginning, middle, and end. Participants
will do pre-work ahead of the session and come ready to dig into their data.
Our workshop groups will discuss what tools and metrics are most valuable to
focus on now and in the future, and participants will have the chance to
develop their own campaign data plan. Through these hands-on strategies, higher
education institutions can launch, carry out, and capitalize on effective

Presented by:

  • Carrie Dahlquist - Director, Strategic Information Services, Campbell & Company
  • Kristen Mekemson - Assistant Vice President of Development and Campaign Director, Lawrence University
  • Patrick Dunlavy - Vice President for Advancement, Baldwin Wallace University
  • Julia McGuire - Executive Vice President, Campbell & Company
  • Adam Wilhelm - Vice President, Campbell & Company

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Sunday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

You’re Hired! Using Research to Recruit Successful Advancement Professionals

Sheraton Ballroom III 

Talented and skilled higher education fundraisers are in perpetual demand. Institutions are seeking scientific approaches to hiring – and keeping - just the right people. At the
same time, universities recognize our increasingly diverse world and need advancement
teams that represent a commitment to diversity.
A national survey in 2015 of higher
education fundraisers highlights the complexity of contemporary fundraising,
lends credence to the adage that fundraising is both an art and a science, and
indicates how and what strategic efforts will be required to make the
profession—and perceptions of it—better in order to recruit and retain the
best. Research from several other sources, including studies of advancement
leaders, “gifted and talented” gift officers, and principal gift fundraisers,
shows competencies for success and also preferences of accomplished fundraising
professionals. Together, these studies provide important tools for reenergizing
efforts to select the best people for educational advancement teams at various
kinds of institutions.

In this workshop, session participants will review and compare research about higher education
fundraisers and then work collaboratively to generate fresh ideas for their
recruitment and hiring strategies, screening techniques, and interview
protocols. The session focus is on frontline fundraisers, however information
and techniques will be provided that span a broader set of hiring needs,
including career pipeline development for a range of fundraising position types.
The session will be facilitated by an emeritus university foundation president,
an executive recruiter, and scholars who teach fundraisers.

Session Outcomes:
-Attendees will review and
compare research about the careers, knowledge, personal characteristics, and
competencies of successful fundraisers.
-Attendees will use the research
to develop creative ideas and tools for their hiring processes and professional
development programs, across the fundraising spectrum and with diversity in
-Attendees will work together with other participants to share best practices and brainstorm approaches to
bring to their own institutions and own hiring needs.
-Attendees will inform future research on fundraisers in higher education and contribute the ongoing pursuit
of research to inform practice.

Presented by:

  • Sarah Nathan - Associate Director, The Fund Raising School, IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
  • Eugene Tempel - Founding Dean Emeritus, IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
  • Genevieve Shaker - Assistant Professor, IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
  • Sarah Rathbun - Executive Recruiter, Indiana University Foundation