Getting a Seat at the Table: Using Donor Relations to Drive Principal Gift Cultivation

Sunday, 2:30 – 3:30 p.m.

THE DONOR SAID YES! The gift officer is happy, and the big gift is coming. That’s usually when donor relations is brought in, but that’s too late for effective stewardship to begin. When the cultivation plan has strategic donor relations elements woven in from the start, the donor can sense your gratitude and an authentic relationship builds. Through the lens of both a donor relations professional and a seasoned fundraiser, this session will focus on ways to restructure a donor relations shop so it can support high-end, customized stewardship and help drive a cultivation strategy at the principal gift level.


Carol Wilkie, Director of Donor Relations, University of St. Thomas

Joe Plante, Associate Vice President of Principal and Leadership Gifts, University of St. Thomas


Teaming Up to Pare Down: A Case Study in Portfolio Makeover at Wisconsin

Monday, 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Presenters from Development and Research & Prospect Management detail Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association’s year-long prospect management makeover aimed at improving fundraiser efficiency, prospect engagement, and data-driven decision making through portfolio optimization. Attendees will learn details about key components to this multi-team effort: impetus for change; implementing new metrics, including Qualification and Portfolio Efficiency metrics; change management barriers; new dashboards designed to forward the action; and intended outcomes and next steps.


Eric Salisbury, Vice President and Managing Group Leader, Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association

Kari Stokosa, Managing Director, Research & Prospect Management, Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association


Data-Driven Development Decision Making: A Business Intelligence Application

Monday, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Data is changing how we strengthen and manage our development efforts. Join our panelists and learn about the results of integrating annual operating plans into the donor database, the creation of business intelligence reports to analyze the data and the impact it has had on a mid-size development program in a comprehensive campaign.  In this session we will explore the valuable data that can be produced like performance metrics, ideal portfolio size, or identifying areas that need more resources, and how it can be applied to help make decisions for your front-line fundraisers, your managers and your leadership.


Christina Makal McCaffery, Director of Major & Planned Giving, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Patrick Kessenich, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Major & Planned Giving, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Ike Pahm, Systems Manager, UWM Foundation, Inc., University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Chris Allmann, IT Systems Analyst, UWM Foundation, Inc.

Patrick Mason, Network & Database Administrator, UWM Foundation, Inc.


Gift Agreements from Donors’ and their Advisors’ Perspectives

Monday, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

A gift agreement is a formal document between a donor and a gift recipient. Problems for the donor or the charity can manifest themselves in any part of the agreement. The failure to understand the basics of a gift agreement can risk loss of a gift and result in credibility issues between the charity and the donor. A development officer needs to be familiar with each part of the gift agreement and the issues that a donor and their advisors might raise during their review in order to smoothly transact and obtain gifts for their institutions.


Michael Degenhart, Assistant Vice President, Penn State University

David McGoron, Esq., Associate Director, Gift Planning Administration, Penn State University


Prospecting For All: Spotting and Sharing Hidden Opportunities

Tuesday, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

The donor pyramid is an enduring model of donor behavior that can also guide your effort to enhance your network and accelerate your career. Discover and drill down into relevant donor pyramid and prospect pipeline metrics. See how capacity and interest indicators are gathered – and too often, forgotten – by different departments within a fundraising team. Review why that data matters to fundraising executives, and discuss strategies for communicating these often hidden indicators to your organization's leadership. Leave ready to stand out as a facilitator of prospect identification and qualification regardless of role.


Bob Amico, Director of Advancement Services, Carthage College